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Bezel wars are with us

by on29 December 2010

Thin is in
In desperation to carve itself a new niche in the computer market, LG claims that its latest ultra-portable laptops have the “thinnest bezel” in the world. After all if you are going to steal a march on your rivals you have to have something that makes you the “world's best” and if you have not got anything really earth shattering you have to market something else.

In this case it is the “thinnest bezel”. Yeah we had to look it up too. Apparently it is the frame around the screen which means that LG can shave a bit of space from their display without giving up on display size.

LG makes the “world's thinnest Bezel” claim for its Xnote P210 notebook. We guess that will get it buyers in droves. To be fair, LG said that its thin bezel enabled it to fit a 12.5-inch screen in the same footprint as that occupied by an 11.6-inch display without having to skimp on features or portability. The rest of the notebook has a powerful 1.33GHz Intel Core i5 470UM processor that is esigned to be used in ultra-portable computers as it delivers low heat output and power consumption.

It will set you back $1,135 US so less bezel means more cash. Until everyone jumps on the bezel bandwagon and the costs come down.
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