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Atom 2012 Cedar Trail fanless, faster

by on06 December 2010

Looks tablet ready
In case we haven’t said it so far, Intel's Cedar Trail platform will get to many netbooks, most likely tablets, and on the desktop side it will get to All-in-ones, entry level PCs, motherboards with integrated CPUs as well as small form factor rigs. It will be the machine for people who are not fortunate enough to drive Ferraris and it should offer basic computing and content consumption.

Cedar Trail still uses the NM10 chipset so there won't be any native USB 3.0 support even from the 2012 Atom platform.

The fun part is that Intel promises fanless designs as its TDP will be so small, and such TDP is probably good to fit the Atom Cedar view even in tablets. If you haven’t notices Apple sold millions of iPads and Nvidia and other ARM and leg tablet wannabe market leaders have high hopes of selling millions of them in 2011.

Intel also hinted about faster memory support as well as higher clocks for the Cedar View but we didn't get any specifics about that.

Yet again, it should start to produce at 32nm at Q4 2011 most likely together with Ivy Bridge 22nm next next generation Core i3, i5 and i7 processors but knowing Intel these chips might start shipping and launch only in Q1 2012. Still plenty of time for Intel to change its mind, and maybe even CEO.

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