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Intel thinks Brazos Fusion is a good thing

by on03 December 2010

Nice to finally have some competition
Our sources who obviously work with both Intel and AMD have told us a quite incredible story. The first impression of Brazos in the eyes of Intel is a good one.

Intel likes it and views the Brazos platform with respect, sources who would like to remain anonymous confirmed. This is the first time ever that AMD has something that can make Intel run for its money in the mobile market.

AMD has a CPU with decent battery life and it can make life quite hard for Atoms, as Ontario looks like a more than a decent competitor. AMD has better graphics but at the same time when it comes to Zacate part of market, Intel has a better CPU core. Let’s not forget that Sandy Bridge also gets to the Pentium notebook market segment by mid-2011 and is more than ready to compete with Zacate 18W TDP dual-core parts.

We know that most users will again go for Intel, but again this time around it won't be a mistake to buy an AMD netbook, especially in the entry level market, as it will be just enough for your everyday work and it will offer quite good battery life.

We only have to see enough products on the market, as AMD was well know for announcing hundreds of designs (remember Puma) and at the end only a few were actually available. Let’s hope they can do better now, and it all starts at CES January 5th and shipping hopefully shortly after.

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