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Globalfoundries to make 28nm Fusion chips

by on22 November 2010
First High K metal gate
Amd has spilled the beans about its 28nm production. At its investor days event Chekib Akrout, Senior VP, Technology group at AMD told investors that they are using first high-K gate 28nm process, something that Globalfoundries do exclusively.

TSMC does last gate processes and Samsung doesn’t even have 28nm ready for late 2011, so it is out of the equation.

We asked around and industry sources have confirmed that Krishna and Wichita are going to be made in 28nm Globalfoundries first high-K gate process, that is scheduled to start the production in second part of 2011.

TSMC was the only choice for 40nm simply as Globalfoundries didn’t have any 40nm process. The reason is simple, AMD never planned a 40nm chip and on its roadmap it always had full node transitions from 45 nm to 32nm and 22nm in the future.

Since Globalfoundries need half-nodes in order to continue competition with TSMC, this is why you will continue to see these chips in the future.

Charlie has also pointed in the same direction and you can read his part here.

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