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Acer readies dual-core Atom netbook

by on07 July 2010

Atom N550 trades clock speed for extra core
According to Macles, Acer is about to introduce its first dual-core netbook, the Aspire One D255, based on Intel’s new Atom N550 processor.

The new double barreled Atom is clocked at 1.5GHz and features 512kB of L2 cache per core. It also supports hyperthreading and although its clock is somewhat lower than on single-core, it should offer quite a bit more performance.

However, we’re not sure dual-core netbooks will take off. Back in 2008 they would have don great, but now they have a couple of things working against them. First of all, the netbook fad is wearing off and demand is dropping. Secondly, Intel is offering quite a few affordable CULV parts, which are probably a better choice than Atoms in either single or dual core iterations.

You can check out a few photos here, but be warned. The design team obviously watched too much Miami Vice, hence the ghastly cyan.
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