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Unique PSU with 0 W in standby

by on08 March 2010


Cebit 2010: With Innovabite technology and "nostandby" PSU it is possible

Currently even the best gaming PSUs certified with 80 Plus Gold are consuming a small amount of energy when you turn PC off. We told you recently that the best CoolerMaster SilenPro PSU Gold series consumes less than 0.5 W when you turn the PC Off. But can that be changed?

Using standard ways it is not possible to achieve zero–Watt consumption. The problem is that there is no direct connection between the PSU and the On/Off button on the case. The PSU is directly connected to the mainboard, just like the On/Off button on the front panel. Starting in 2014, every electronic device sold in Europe will have to consume 0W in “off” state.


Innovabite comes with an idea how to achieve 0 W in standby, providing the front button with a direct connection to the PSU. Using their technology, it is possible to automatically drive the PC into another type of standard “Standby Mode” called “Off Mode”, with 0W consumption and complete separation (2-pole) from 230 net.

All Innovabite power supplies come with 80 plus certificate and are equipped with a so-called mode-switch. This mode allows you to switch the device either in the "nonstandby" mode or in a classic soft-off mode. Later it will be possible to include LAN card directly into PSU, what will offer system administrators the way to start PC from everywhere and update it.


Innovabite will offer PSUs in 300W, 450W and 600W at a price of €79, €89 and €109 respectively, and they will all be available in July. A nice addition is the removable fuse. The fuse is usually the main cause of PSU failure and now it can be easily changed without even opening the PSU.


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