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Samsung Germany refuses to honor cashback

by on31 January 2023

Claims it on the bad product code, twice

I've purchased a Galaxy Watch 5 to give Samsung a try. The main incentive was 75 euros back, making the purchase a great deal. Well, it didn't go as planned as Samsung rejected the cashback playing it on a technicality. Two times in a row, the cashback form was not accepted, quoting AGB (Standard Business conditions) and claiming that I'd used the wrong product code withing providing more information about it.

Samsung gives you seven days to fix the application and resubmit it again, but after doing that, you get the same email claiming that the product code was wrong. It feels like stretching the time until the return option window expires.

Imagine how easy it is to overwhelm less advanced users if they play this card on a tech-savvy person. The cashback feels like an intentionally complicated task that involves pictures, serial numbers, receipts, and proof of delivery.

Asking support to help again, you hear the product code has to be changed without telling you where to find one. I am sure I used the correct one both times. Opening the application, the script messes up the proof of delivery and receipt, requiring additional time to make everything right. The whole process feels like an infinite loop. 

After my adventure with Samsung and that ECG and Pressure monitor work only with Samsung, and some camera options work just with Samsung phones, I decided to return the watch. I will miss the great display and fast charging, but I won't miss the mediocre battery life and limited functionality on Android phones other than Samsung.

From where I stand, waiting for a watch powered by Snapdragon Wear 5 and hopefully getting more than two days of battery life sounds like a better option. 

I am probably not the only person to experience this loop, and if you are one of them, please feel free to comment or contact us.

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