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Huawei faces further US purge

by on25 September 2019

Ericsson and Nokia get boost from plan

A bill is set to be presented to US lawmakers later this week that would essentially pay smaller wireless providers to swap out gear from Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE.

Earlier this year, president Donald Trump banned US firms from using kit from Chinese providers describing them as a national security risk.

So far, the USA has failed to provide concrete evidence that the equipment does pose a risk.

Recently Huawei offered to license its technology to the USA so that security experts there could analyse and have access to its systems from top to bottom.

If the bill becomes an act, $1 billion will be made available to US providers to switch from Huawei kit to devices made by Scandinavian firms Nokia and Ericsson.

According to Reuters, around 12 telecom carriers are already in negotiations to make the switch.

A bipartisan group of Republicans and Democrats said the aim of the bill is to “rot-out suspect network equipment and replace it with more secure equipment”.

Last week, Huawei's current chairman, Guo Ping, told Fudzilla:" Since May of this year, an international superpower has been using every tool at its disposal to crack down on us. Despite that, we have still maintained solid growth and we are confident that we will survive and thrive."

Last modified on 25 September 2019
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