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Apple introduces the iDaisy

by on19 April 2018

Or Maybe byeDaisy

In a bid to show off its ability to recycle things - and ideas - Apple today unveiled the iDaisy.

The iDaisy, said the company, will recycle iPhones although some might say that every iPhone generation for years is a recycling of old ideas into, er new ideas that are quite old.

According to Apple Insider, Tim Cook's outfit will give money to promote its green initiative for old iPhones handed in at its shops, and at press time it remains unclear whether people with the telephones that have had their external glass or innards fixed by third parties will be welcomed by iDaisy.

Lisa Jackson, who has the impressive title of VP of the environment at the Cupertino innovator, said it will give the recycled money it collects in recognition of “Earth Day” to an external green agency. Apple didn't say how much it will give, according to the report.


The robotic iDaisy can disassemble phones and even use parts for materials it processes in future iPhones, Macbook Airs, and others of that ilk.

It remains unclear whether Apple has developed or will develop a robotic machine to disassemble the iDaisy.  But she supersedes the previous device which the firm called “Liam”.

You can find the Apple Insider story, here.

[Picture courtesy of Thomas Bresson, and of Wikipedia.]

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