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EKWB unveils EK Fluid Gaming liquid cooling sets

by on01 June 2017

Bringing liquid cooling to gamers

EK Water Blocks, a well known liquid cooling specialists from Slovenia, which have recently opened up shop in the US as well,  is showing off its new liquid cooling EK Fluid Gaming brand and sets which might well bring the best possible price/performance ratio and deliver liquid cooling at an affordable price.

Thanks to what it considers to be innovative patent-pending technology, EK Water Blocks, with its EK Fluid Gaming brand and kits, promises to bring custom liquid cooling, which was usually reserved for enthusiasts, to a wider audience and gamers.

According to EKWB, its EK Fluid Gaming products are designed to be both easy to assemble as well as budget-oriented, mostly thanks to "new aluminum technology" which brings great performace for almost half the price of its enthusiast lineup.

“We believe every gamer should experience the joy of putting together a PC with a full custom liquid cooling solution. Every gamer should enjoy gaming on a silent PC with high FPS and low temps. Every gamer should be able to overclock his gaming PC and see what hardware is really capable of. With EK Fluid Gaming, we are now enabling you to do just that – a legendary liquid cooling solution at a very affordable price.” – Mark Tanko, EKWB CEO

EKWB promises that its EK Fluid Gaming products will bring expandable, custom liquid cooling for the price of a good closed loop AiO unit.

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Currently available in three versions, A120, A240 and A240G, the EK Fluid Gaming kits include EK-AluStream SE radiators, paired up with high-static pressure EK-Vardar fan(s), EK-Supremacy AX block, special SPC-series PWM liquid cooling pump with integrated reservoir as well as EK-ACF ALU fittings, EK-DuraClear transparent tubing, and the EK-CryoFuel coolant.

While the A120 and the A240 are focused on CPU cooling, the flagship A240G kit also includes a Geforce GTX water block, compatible with Geforce GTX 10 series graphics cards as well as Titan X Pascal and Titan Xp graphics cards. EKWB also promises that AMD Vega will get its own kit when it finally hits the market.

The entire EK Fluid Gaming lineup is already available directly from the EKWB Webshop and, exclusively, through in the US, and and OCUK in Europe. The EK Fluid Gaming A120 and A240 sell for US $149.99 and US $159.99, while the flagship EK Fluid Gaming A240G sells for US $239.99.

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