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Logitech teases new G-series Battlefield Edition keyboard

by on26 August 2016

Either a G810, G610 or a completely new one

Logitech has released a couple of teasers for a new gaming keyboard that will carry a Battlefield 1 badge on the side of it.

By the looks of two teasers released on both Logitech's Facebook page as well as Logitech Instagram, it appears that this is either a G810 RGB, G610 or a completely different keyboard that will be developed in cooperation with EA/DICE in time for the launch of Battlefield 1.

There is not much to see on those two teasers other than it has a blue backlight (and possibly an RGB one) and that it has a boxy design, just like both the G810 and the G610 gaming keyboards.

Teaming up with EA/DICE for Battlefield 1 launch is definitely a good move from Logitech as it might become a really good seller, at least if Battlefield 1 is as good as it looks like.

Hopefully, we will have a chance to check out this special edition and maybe Logitech will even bundle the game with some of its high-end products.

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