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Intel Core i7 6850K 'Broadwell-E' benchmarked

by on05 May 2016

Benchmarked against Core i7 5820K Haswell-E

On Thursday, a user named Maintenance Bot on the forums posted a sneak peek of what to expect from Intel’s upcoming Core i7 6850K ‘Broadwell-E’ desktop chip.

maintenance bot ocn core i7 6850k vs 5820k

Image credit: Maintenance Bot (via (Larger image here)

This is one of four 14-nanometer chips to be unveiled the company’s upcoming high-end desktop (HEDT) lineup later this month at Computex 2016. The full lineup includes the Core i7 6800K, Core i7 6850K, Core i7 6900K and Core i7 6950X.

intel core i7 6850k vs 5820k 700px

(Larger image here)

We first reported on this chip back in December when unveiled Intel’s Broadwell-E lineup six month before launch. According to the leak, the Core i7 6850K is a six-core chip running at 3.60GHz (3.80GHz with Turbo) and features twelve threads, 15MB of L3 cache, a 140W TDP and a ~$550 USD launch price.

For comparison, Intel’s current Haswell-E (HEDT) lineup consists of the Core i7 5820K, Core i7 5930K and Core i7 Extreme 5960X. The company is replacing its unlocked “xx20” part with a model right below it and another right above it – namely, the 6800K and 6850K, and the entire new Broadwell-E lineup will have unlocked multipliers just like their Haswell-E counterparts.

Benchmark results

core i7 6850k engineering sample cpu z

Image credit: Maintenance Bot (via

Maintenance Bot was using an engineering sample chip which was overclocked to 4.2GHz to match the speed of the Core i7 5820K. Testing was performed on an ASRock X99 Extreme3 with 16GB of Kingston DDR4 running at 2666MHz CL13 2T (1:20) and a Geforce GTX 980 Ti and Windows 8 x64 (build 9200).

cinebench core i7 6850k vs core i7 5820k

Cinebench R15 – Core i7 6850K at 4.20GHz (left) vs. Core i7 5820K at 4.20GHz (right)

In Cinebench R15, the Core i7 6850K hit 1311 points while the Core i7 5820K hit 1191 points at the same clockspeed.

core i7 6850k vs 5820k superpi mod1.5xs

SuperPi mod1.5 XS (32M) – Core i7 6850K at 4.20GHz (left) vs. Core i7 5820K at 4.20GHz (right)

In a SuperPi mod1.5XS 32M calculation, the Core i7 6850K at 4.20GHz completed the run in 8 minutes, 27.854 seconds while the Core i7 5820K at 4.20GHz completed it in 8 minutes, 38.886 seconds.

3dmark firestrike extreme core i7 6850k vs 5820k

3DMark Fire Strike Extreme – Core i7 6850K at 4.20GHz (top) vs. Core i7 5820K at 4.20GHz (bottom)

Meanwhile, in Futuremark's Fire Strike Extreme DirectX 11 benchmark (2560x1440p render), the Core i7 6850K scores 9,440 while the Core i7 5820K scores 9,353.

Maintenance Bot also measured the height of the Core i7 5820K and Core i7 6850K and found that the former is 1.87mm thick while the newer chip is just 1.12mm thick. It also features a slightly redesigned heatspreader upon closer inspection.

The full results and pictures can be found here.

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