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Windows 10 insider is now build 10532

by on28 August 2015

75 million Windows 10 deployed

Microsoft has managed to convince 75 million people to upgrade to Windows 10, get a new PC or buy a copy and install it. 

Meanwhile, the beta programme is still running for the insider preview circle and as of few hours ago we are playing with Build 10532.This is the build that came only a few days after 10525. The major thing is that Microsoft has improved the context menus.

There is more consistency in the menus than with the previous versions. Unlike most other big software companies Microsoft listens to what the beta testers are saying. The menus had an improved look and feel and resolved one of our main complaints about Windows 10 RTM ver 10240 which was that the icons were ugly and the choice of icons and color pallets were poor.

You can now share your feedback with social networks and friends. The feedback report tool now speaks to Twitter and Facebook, probably some other social not-working sites.

It is really cool that we keep seeing what can be improved with the Windows and as long as you don’t mind 3GB+ download every few days or weeks, you can see the future of Windows.

The supported language packs are back and working fine, at least this is what Microsoft tells us. The Redmond-based company is working hard on a new mobile build but since we don’t own a Windows phone, we haven't played with it. We only have Android phones and a rare and endangered species of iPhone having buried our Nokia and Blackberry phones in a moving ceremony a while back.

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