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Windows 10 build 10240 feels like RTM

by on16 July 2015

Insider preview mark gone

We just finished the update of Windows 10 build 10240. This number is easy to remember as you just ad a zero to a 1024 which is a round number in IT brains. 

The new version of Windows doesn’t really feel that much different from the last insider builds 10166 or 10162 that we recently tested. There are no indications that anything major was changed as the last steps are usually polishing and bug fixing.


The most notable thing you will notice is that the preview release number above the clock in the lower right corner has gone. Now you have to type winver in run menu to get the version number. This is no big deal and exactly what you would expect from the final version.The update is called TH1 and WinBeta claims that the beta testers were moved from fbl_impressive branch, to the TH1 branch. TH1 is the branch that is testing the RTM candidates and one of our computers is part of that. 


One other thing that happened is what Microsoft has updated its licensing agreement and asked us to confirm the settings about location, advertising and a few other things. This is the sort of thing that Windows 8.1 asks you when you are finishing the installation. In addition it will ask you if your computer is allowed to connect to known networks and a few other things.

Microsoft takes time to tell you about what is new in Windows 10. It mentions four changes which it thinks are important including Photos, Music, Microsoft Edge and Movies & TV applications.

We have two machines that we use to test Windows 10 and only one of them received an update. We don’t know what is up with that as even when we try to look for an update from 10166 to 10240, it doesn’t tell us that there is one available.

The preview release might end up being Release to Manufacturing, but we would not be surprised to get another update before things are locked down. The 10240 build feels stable, just as good as the last few versions and we didn’t had any performance and stability issues. It takes only 6 seconds to boot and we even have the Avast antivirus program on it that probably adds a second to the boot.

We feel good about Windows 10 and now we can't wait to see the Windows 10 ISO file and the one that goes to OEMs. In the time we went through more than 10 preview release revisions of Windows 10, Microsoft added interesting new things like Edge browser (Project Spartan), Cortana or the new Movie & TV or Photo apps.  

Our test hardware includes:

  • Intel NUC with Intel Core i5 Processor (NUC5i5RYK)
  • Intel Corei5-5250U processor 1.6GHz up to 2.7GHz Turbo dual core, 3MB Cache, 15W TDP
  • Kingston Impact SODIMM - 16GB Module DDR3L 1866MHz CL11 SODIMM
  • at 1600MHz, 10-10-10, 1.35V
  • Intel HD 6000 graphics
  • Samsung XP941 256GB M.2 SSD
  • Cherry JD-0300DE wireless keyboard with 3 key optical mouse 1000dpi
Last modified on 16 July 2015
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