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GameStop not worried about digital distribution

by on15 September 2008


It will take until 2020 to sort it all out
At the recent 2008 GameStop Expo that took place in Las Vegas to get managers up to speed on all of the latest products that will be coming this holiday season, the subject of digital distribution was on the lips of a lot of GameStop managers.

With the success of Xbox Live, GameStop managers can’t help but continue to be worried about how future digital distribution will affect their stores and make a big impact on their company’s bottom line.

According to GameStop, they don’t see mainstream digital distribution becoming a problem for the company until at least 2020. There are still too many issues to sort out with digital distribution and change to the habits of customers that are used to purchasing games at the retail level for their systems.

While we are not sure about the comment that it will take until 2020 for digital distribution to become the preferred way for users to obtain their software, we are sure that things are headed in this direction just by the convenience factor, if nothing else. Still, GameStop will need to keep a keen eye on digital distribution to find ways to incorporate it into the future growth model of the company.

Last modified on 15 September 2008
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