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Windows 10 aims for July launch

by on24 March 2015

Upgrade or (r)etail

Our well informed sources are warnng us that Windows is coming a bit earlier than expected. 

Normally Microsoft has an Release To Manufacture (RTM) version shipping by August and the official version would be coming for upgrade or retail by October. This won't be the case this time as Microsoft said Windows 10 is coming in summer time in 190 countries.

We got a better date than that as our sources are promising that we will have Windows 10 in July. All customers with legal versions of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 can upgrade. We have been playing with Windows 10 since the first Technical Preview and we  we like it. It is a synergy of best from Windows 8 and important elements like desktop inspired by Windows 7. Many Window 7 users will want to upgrade. 

The gaming oriented Graphics market will upgrade pretty sharpish as this is the only operating system to come with DirectX 12 and this API won't be coming for Windows 8.1 or below. You will have no choice than to go for it.

The latest Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10041 comes with a few notable changes including some Start Menu chances, new network menu, improved text input, Cortana support for more countries, a new virtual desktop feature, improved adds for windows insider, redesigned login screen and redesigned icons. We also noticed that there is a new install menu too.

The best part for Windows 10 Technical Preview is that the latest build downloads and installs on its own without much need for interaction, while keeping all your settings and files. 

Last modified on 24 March 2015
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