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Sony sees no need to buy exclusives

by on15 August 2014

PS4 has such a lead that it isn’t needed

Sony Europe boss Jim Ryan apparently thinks that outright exclusivity doesn’t really matter and there is no reason it should have to buy outright exclusivity because the market position of the PlayStation 4 is so strong.

He believes that the reason for this lead is that they have a “large and very powerful network” of studios and when you add the third party partnerships when it makes sense, it only benefits the consumer. The replies were received when questioned about Microsoft’s move in gaining a platform exclusive for Rise of Tomb Raider which will only appear on Xbox One.

We are of the opinion that exclusives do matter and that really is about the only real difference between the two consoles. Exclusives like Halo, Gears of War, Forza, are staples that are not coming to the PS4. When you add exclusives like Sunset Overdrive and Rise of Tomb Raider, if you are a fan of these games you are not getting them on a Sony console. That is a reality and that is why we think exclusives matter.

Now to be fair, Sony has its exclusives as well and those are not coming to the Xbox One, so really the software is the difference when you take the hardware out of the picture. Depending on what titles you like, you are more likely to buy the console that plays those titles. We see no reason to pretend like exclusives don’t exist.

The reality is when Battlefiled: Hardline and Evolve are moved to next year, you want to make a splash and fill the void and that is exactly what Microsoft did with Rise of Tomb Raider for Xbox One. Sony needs to get over it and move on, rather than trying to make excuses about why it isn’t a big deal.

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