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Mac & iPod inventories will be tight

by on31 July 2008


Refresh now confirmed for iPod & MacBooks

Apple resellers are just now getting the word that we figured would be coming down from Apple that inventory is going to be tight for the next month and a half to two months while Apple depletes inventory prior to the refresh in both the iPod and MacBook product lines. Supplies in the current inventory will be tight during this transition period.

The latest whispers that we hear are that the iPod product line will see refreshes of both the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch. The new version of the iPod Nano is expected to revert back to a tall form factor with a larger screen to support wide screen video content and it will support the same kind of rotation technology that the iPod Touch offers.

The new Nano is expected to be offered in a 16GB version as well an 8GB version, but a 4GB version is also possible. Reports that the aluminum body of the Nano will be multi-colored seem to be unlikely, but we do think Apple will introduce at least some new colors, according to our sources.

As for the updated iPod Touch, it will be pretty much more of the same, except that we expect to see the same minor reductions in both size and weight to make the new iPod Touch slimmer and weigh a bit less than the previous model.

We do expect Apple to transition to a plastic back on the iPod Touch as they did on the iPhone, which is really a shame as the metal back is one of the things that really makes the iPod stand out from the crowd, in our opinion. An upgrade to the iPod Touch is expected now with the largest version sporting 64MB of flash memory storage. We do expect the price to drop a bit perhaps on the lower end models, but overall the prices will remain the same.

The MacBooks will get a long awaited refresh. Apple has indicated that the 13-inch MacBook and the 15 and 17-inch versions of the MacBook Pros seem to be targeted for refresh. Not much is known about the specifics of the refresh, but we don’t expect to see the latest Intel mobile chips available in them.  It seems that the MacBook Air is safe from refresh this time around, but it could use a few tweaks and we will likely not see those until next year.

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