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Xbox division to be headed by Spencer

by on01 April 2014

Likely the best outcome for gamers possible

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella apparently was not finished shaking things up after all and he has announced that none other than Phil Spencer is to be taking over on point as the new head of the Xbox division. In addition it was also announced that Spencer would be reporting to Terry Myerson who is the EVP of the Operating Systems Group (OSG) of the company.

The new Xbox division will be made up of both the Xbox hardware group as well as Microsoft Studios and Spencer will be over seeing both parts that will make up the Xbox division. Yusuf Mehdi will continue to head up Xbox business strategy and marketing. George Peckham will continue in his role of heading up third-party partnership and Mike Angiulo will continue to head up the Xbox hardware team. While the releases from Microsoft don’t say it, it believe that these folks will all be reporting to Spencer. Spencer will also likely fill his former role as head of Microsoft Studios at some point in the near future and we expect that role will also report to him as well.

The news is likely the best possible outcome for gamers as well as the long term viability of the Xbox. While we have not always agreed with everything that Spencer has said, we have admired his frank honesty as well as his ability to accept feedback and act on the feedback in the best interest of the Xbox owners. His work over the years on the studio side of the business give him credibility and that is something right now Microsoft needs to help correct many of the blunders that have transpired since the launch of the Xbox One.

For those that are wondering, Stephen Elop (Formally of Nokia) is still in the picture as the EVP of the Microsoft Devices Group and while his teams will be working closely with the Xbox division and OSG, the Xbox is no longer a part of the Devices Group so Spencer and the rumors that the company would be looking to spin off Xbox looks to be dead at least for the time being.

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