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2.5 million sold for B version of Pi

by on04 March 2014

Quite an impressive number for Raspberry

Since the launch of the model B of the Raspberry Pi way back in February of 2012, the pocket size computer that was developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation has sold an incredible 2.5 million units. The initial target for the Raspberry Pi was to teach computer science in schools, but the pocket sized power computer that could has become a popular staple for hobbyists that a using them for a variety of tasks.

The amount of open source applications for the Raspberry Pi is impressive. People have been able to make the unit do everything you can think of. Even developer Mojang released a version of Minecraft for it. (I actually have two myself with one serving as a GPS enabled NTP server and the other running OpenELEC as a media player.)

Next month Code Club Pro will deliver a full training curriculum and online resources for teachers worldwide to deliver on the initial target of the Raspberry Pi.

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