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Intel's first wearable is baby onesie

by on17 January 2014

Mimobaby monitor available in February for $199

Back at CES 2014 we had a chance to see first marketable Intel powered Interned-of-Things device. This fits the wearable computing trend and unlike Google Glass it is aimed at young mothers who are the most overprotective population and they tend to be tech savvy, too. The device with Intel chip inside is a small rechargeable turtle that plugs into a babies onesie.

The computing device is turtle shaped and it plugs into a onesie to monitors your baby vitas via Wifi or Bluetooth and sends the data to your Android or iOS phone. The company calls the device Mimo Smart Baby Monitor. You can see if baby's respiration, temperature, body position and activity level of infants. You can also listen to the audio and set notifications. Mimo can track your baby's sleeping, feeding and other schedules over time. It cannot tell you if the baby needs a diaper change, but that is probably something that will be fixed with the next generation devices.



Pre-sale units are sold out and these are aimed to ship in February 2014. The Starter Package includes 3 Mimo Kimonos, 1 Turtle, and 1 Lilypad (charger) for $199.99. The company offers onesies in 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-12 months, with additional packs of two in each size and of course they are machine washable. It is a made in New England, USA, and the pre-order batch shipped to US customers only.

mimo turtlecharging


One charge can hold up to 7 days which is not bad, but the device itself doesn’t look flat, it looks chunky and we could not find the actual measurement. We are not sure if the older babies are going to appreciate the turtle that might actually produce some pressure on the baby's tummy but we are sure that with the next generation powered by Quark that is scheduled to come in a year from now.

Mimo baby can be seen as a fitbit for babies. We are sure that someone will come up with a more advanced device for older children making new parents even more dependable on technology. You can get more sense about Intel's debut device in wearable, including a video here


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