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Nvidia holds CES press event at AMD Kaveri hotel

by on03 January 2014

Talks Tegra – Logan

AMD will have many of its executives present at Kaveri APU briefings shortly before CES at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas. Guess what - Nvidia chose the same hotel at the same time to hold its press event. This is pure coincidence, we are sure.

Nvidia has announced to the financial community that it plans to hold its press event in Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas on Sunday January 5th at 8PM local time and that will be at the same time AMD should be finishing its presentation across the street. Nvidia plans to talk about Tegra and we are quite confident that the company will be willing to talk about some parts of Logan, or the Tegra 5 SoC. We are assuming Nvidia will focus on GPU performance. We don’t expect a real launch at this show, but a paper launch is a possibility.

Remember Logan comes with Kepler GPU inside and aims to be the fastest GPU on the market in 2014. Nvidia will webcast its event live available here. Apart from new Tegra mobile technologies Nvidia plans to showcase some gaming innovations and advanced automotive display technologies.

Nvidia and AMD will definitely have to fight for press coverage as it might be tough to attend two events at the same time, but it might be easy to sneak out, considering that they will be at the same hotel. This might even be payback for Montreal, when AMD invited a few members of the press to show them some cool technologies just across the street from Nvidia’s big gaming event.

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