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Sales of the PS Vita rocket

by on20 December 2013

68% increase after PS4 launch

Sony has to be happy with the news that the PS Vita is finally selling. The handheld has enjoyed a 68% sales increase since the release of the PlayStation 4. Prior to the console’s launch Sony was finding it difficult to even give the handheld away despite aggressive actions to increase sales.

The PS Vita enjoyed a 68% increase the week of the PS4 launch, followed by a 65% increase the week after that. What we don’t know is how many PS Vita units all of this sales increase translates into, but for sure it is many more than the company was selling previously.

Sony is claiming that the ability to use the PS Vita as a second screen for the PS4 is the major reason for the sales increase. Of course the new marketing campaign has not held the unit back either, but Sony does seem to think this is just the kick in the pants that the PS Vita needed and it is viewing the success as a breakthrough for the handheld.

Anything had to be better however than the previous 18 months were the handheld struggled to find buyers or get developers engaged in producing new software for the unit. While the PS4 support is great, the unit is still struggling to get developers and publishers committed in producing new software for the handheld.

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