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Netflix to stream House of Cards in 4K

by on19 December 2013

Select TV manufactures in 2014

The future of 4K definitely lays in streaming as Netflix is one of the vocal supporters that plan to support this new coming format as of next year. Netflix has already started trials of 4K that were available to 4K TV owners.

You don’t need much for 4K streaming, 5Mbit will do, and most of the Europe and most parts of US are already having much more than that. Netflix hinted that it plans to stream the season two of House of Cards in 4K Ultra HD. Samsung and LG already hinted that they plan to showcase curved 105-inch TV sets at CES, but these are never for the average Joe as they cost a few tens of thousands and takes years before their features land in the mainstream market.

Netflix 4K streaming will be offered through applications built into smart TVs and Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt confirms that several TV manufacturers will come out with 4K capable TV and they will announce them at CES. Support for 4K Netflix via next generation consoles such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 might be premature due the lack of HDMI 2.0 standard.

Right now Netflix aims to make 4K available for a 4K TV sets via internal hardware and software. It took HD content years to become mainstream and let's see if Ultra HD 4K can do it faster. We doubt it, but one can always hope.

In 2014 we see 4K/UHD as significant as Google Glass, in the sense that many would like to try it out, a few will really think it’s to die for, while most people will simply ignore it due to insanely high prices.


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