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iBuyPower promises $499 Steam boxes

by on28 November 2013

AMD inside

Steam Machines are one of the more interesting PC concepts to emerge this year, but many users are moaning about the pricing, which in case of high-end models easily ended up in four digit territory.

However, iBuyPower reckons it can do more with less. Their Steam Machine is powered by an unspecified AMD multi-core APU and R9 270X graphics. It will be available in two flavours, clear or white, with or without the LED decor at its waistline.

Prices start at $499 and that sounds more than fair, as it is squarely within console territory, at least if you buy the cheapest SKU. Of course, since we don’t know the exact spec we can’t be sure whether it is really a great deal.

Interestingly, iBuyPower is promising 1080p gaming at 60fps in all Steam games. That doesn’t tell us a lot about the spec of performance though, but getting 1080p gaming on PC hardware for $499 sounds intriguing.


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