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Ouya announces Limited Edition model

by on19 November 2013

$30 more for white color and double the storage

Ouya has confirmed that the will be offering a new “Limited Edition” version of their Android console for the North American market only. Orders placed prior to December 8th are expected to arrive in time for Christmas gift giving.

The new Limited Edition Ouya console costs $30 more than the original console or $129. For that extra $30 you will get a version of the console that sheds its black and silver look for an all-white look. Beyond the color of the console, the only other difference is that it doubles the storage on the Limited Edition model from 8GB to 16GB of internal storage which is a nice bonus, but hardly alone worth $30 more, given that you can get a 16GB USB flash drive for less than $10.

With Ouya expected to finally update the abilities of the USB storage, we think the upgraded internal memory for sure means less. What we do expect is that the Limited Edition version will be popular with Ouya fans looking to add a second console or for those looking at giving one as a gift this holiday season.

Place your pre-order for the Ouya LE console here.


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