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Vita 2000 model to charge with USB

by on15 October 2013

Will ditch the proprietary charging cable

The new version of the PS Vita is coming as everyone knows by now. The new version which has been dubbed the 2000, features a number of new differences over the previous version, but none perhaps more interesting the fact that Sony will be ditching the proprietary charging solution from the previous PS Vita.

With the new 2000 model of the Vita Sony will use a micro USB charging solution that is the same as found in many other electronics and cell phones these days. The micro USB on the 2000 Vita model will be able to transfer data and charge at the same time when connected to a USB port on your computer.

While the new 2000 model of the Vita was announced at the Tokyo Game Show, it is thinner and lighter than the previous model and features a number of other improvements to reduce production costs. So far it has only been confirmed for Japan starting on October 10th, but sources tell us that it will be released in North America and Europe, it is just a question of when.

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