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Tosh joins the 2TB 2.5-inch club

by on19 September 2013

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Toshiba has a new 2.5-inch drive and it’s a rather big one. It is only the second hard drive maker to introduce a 2TB hard drive, as WD launched its first 2TB drive three months ago.

However, there is a caveat. Like the WD 2TB drive, Toshiba’s MQ series drive is also 15mm thick and this won’t change until new technologies become available, as platter capacity is still too limited for spacious 2.5-inch drives in 9.5mm or 7mm flavours.

The spec is not too impressive, either. It is a 5400rpm unit with 8MB of cache and it’s just a SATA II drive, although SATA 6Gbps wouldn’t make much of a difference given the spindle speed.

The upside? It is listed at €115 in Euroland, making it 10-15 percent cheaper than WD’s Green Mobile 2TB drive.

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