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Cooler Master releases four new NotePal notebook coolers

by on06 September 2013


Comforter Air and mini, Notepal XL and CM Storm SF-17

Taking a break from high-quality cases, CPU coolers and gaming peripherals, Cooler Master has launched three new notebook coolers that will be a part of the NotePal series as well as the new CM Storm SF-17 notebook cooler for gaming notebooks.


The Notepal Comforter Air aims at those people that are using cushions or some other stuff to avoid feeling the heat coming from the notebook in their lap, thus causing the notebook to overheat. Compatible with notebooks up to 15.6 inches in size, the Notepal Comforter features a cushion combined with a 100mm fan that should cool the notebook down as well as feel comfortable on your legs.

The Comforter mini is a passive cooling pad for notebooks and tablets which allows notebooks to get decent fresh air to the intake as well as have a groove that allows cable management.

On the other hand, the Notepal XL is a whole different beast. Designed around a 230mm silent fan with blue LEDs, it is compatible with up to 17-inch notebooks, features USB hub with three USB connectors and has a fan speed controller. The Notepal XL will certainly pack enough punch to cope with most gaming notebooks.

Last but not the least, the CM Storm SF-17 is a gaming grade notebook cooler aimed at those that frequent LAN parties. Compatible notebooks up to 19 inches, the CM storm features a powerful 180mm fan, has fan speed controller and four USB connections via USB hub. It also has an abilty to change into four positions thus providing additional ergonomics when using external peripherals, something that is a must on gaming notebooks.

The new Notepal notebook coolers as well as the CM Storm SF-17 should be available pretty soon with a price set at €29.99 for the NotePal Comforter Air, €14.99 for the NotePal Comforter mini €24.99 for the NotePal XL and €49.99 for the CM Storm SF-17.

notepal comforterair-1

notepal comforterair-2

notepal comfortermini-1

notepal comforterXL-1

cmstorm SF17-1

cmstorm SF17-2

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