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First mass produced flexible screens shipping in November

by on20 August 2013

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Coming from LG and Samsung

There has been a lot of talk regarding flexible screens and what they could bring to the smartphone and wearable tech industry. According to Korean site, it appears that first mass produced flexible displays from both Samsung and LG are expected to ship sometime in November.

This could mean that we might even see some first devices featuring flexible display even before the end of this year and becoming even more affordable and popular as both LG and Samsung ramp up the production. While they are still capable of bending in a single plane, the new type of screens are lighter, thinner and most importantly, unbreakable, which allows manufacturers to pair it up with better specs.

According to details from the report, Samsung currently has a capacity to produce around 1.5 million 5 to 6-inch flexible screens per month, in best case scenario while LG has even lower capacity so we are sure that will not see a flood of those devices before the next year.

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