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MSI rolls out two Kabini AIOs

by on06 August 2013

19.5 and 22 inches

MSI has been rather quiet lately. The company is focusing on powerful gaming PCs, but it still has some interesting products on the side.

The AE200 and AE220 Wind Top all-in-ones stand out as the first Kabini-based AIOs. The AE200 features a 19.5-inch screen in 1600x900 resolution, while the AE220 has a full HD 22-inch panel. Touch panels will be available in some SKUs as well.

Although there’s still no word on the exact spec, MSI says the new Wind Tops will use Kabini-based A- and E-series APUs, with TDPs ranging from 9W to 15W.

The new AIOs will feature 500GB of storage and even an optical drive, which is quite unusual in this day and age. There is still no word on pricing or availability.

You can check them out at Muy Computer (Goog translation).

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