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No more pre-orders for Xbox One at Best Buy

by on11 July 2013

Sold out of pre-order console allocation

Best Buy has confirmed via its web site that it is no longer accepting pre-orders for the Xbox One console. A simple “Sold Out Online” message appears on the Xbox One page on the web site. The company is also no longer accepting pre-orders for the Xbox One at the local store level, confirmed after a quick call to the Best Buy store in our area. It isn’t clear if Best Buy will attempt to increase its initial allocation of units to allow for additional pre-orders or not.

While Best Buy did stop accepting pre-orders for the Xbox One, it is still accepting pre-orders for the PlayStation 4. Other major retailers, including GameStop, are still accepting pre-orders for the Xbox One. (GameStop cut off pre-orders for the PS4 as we reported yesterday.)

It is not yet clear how long pre-orders will continue be available for the PlayStation 4, which we believe is closer to having its initial allocation sold out than the Xbox One is. The other unknown at the moment is what the actual totals of these pre-orders equal in actual consoles ordered. We can’t stress enough that if you are planning to have one of these consoles on launch day, we recommend that you move toward getting your pre-order in soon, as we are expecting availability for the PlayStation 4 to be exceptionally tight and it is looking more like the Xbox One availability will also be tight.

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