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Google Glass might get its own app store soon

by on09 July 2013

And a media player app as well

Although it is still in developer preview, Google Glass got quite a few applications which means that it could get its own app store pretty soon, according to a report at

A recently released update that included web browsing features and expanded set of voice commands also hinted at Google Boutique that might be an app store for Glass apps and media.

Most developers have been quite keen to get their hands on Google Glass and have been asked to develop apps of all kinds. The Google Boutique, if turns out to be a dedicated Google Glass app store, could allow apps to be installed via voice command or hand gesture, as well as allow download for music, videos, and all other things already seen on Google Play Store.

Google Glass is certainly shaping up to become a quite interesting if not the most interesting smart product coming this year. 

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Last modified on 10 July 2013
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