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AMD to take on Intel NUC

by on03 June 2013

Kabini micro PCs on the way

Intel has been making quite a bit of noise in the mini PC segment, talking up the NUC, which is pretty nice, but also very pricey. Now it seems AMD might be about to give the NUC a run for its money.

During a conference call last week, AMD PR manager Peter Amos confirmed that AMD is “working with partners on Kabini 4-inch by 4-inch designs,” although he didn’t go into detail. The factoid was picked up by Xbit Labs, which reckons Kabini should be fast enough to provide adequate performance and we concur. 

Intel seems to be focusing on low voltage Core i3 parts, which are quite fast but also a lot more expensive than Kabini or Celeron cores. In addition, AMD has better integrated graphics, especially in the low end.

We might even see some “AMD NUC” designs at Computex, although we wouldn’t bet on it. The only possible problem is the small size itself. It is very unlikely that AMD partners will be able to fit mechanical hard drives in their upcoming devices, which means they will probably end up a bit pricier than Brazos nettops.

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