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Asus partner faces horrific labour allegations

by on30 May 2013

14-year-old factory worker found dead

Human rights organization China Labor Watch today reported a truly despicable labour rights violation in China. A 14-year-old boy who was employed by a Chinese manufacturer of Asus motherboards was found dead in his bed.

The organization reports that the factory, part of Yinchuan Electronic Company, employed underage workers by camouflaging their real age. The 14-year-old Liu Fuzong was officially reported as 18-year-old Su Longda. Workers at the plant were reportedly forced to work long shifts, up to 12 hours a day. Fuzong was eventually found dead in his bed by his colleagues on May 21. Doctors found that the death occurred “very suddenly”.

Worse, China Labor Watch claims the company still employs minors. Workers at the site told the press that company management would simply not take the age of prospective workers into account. All employees were required to meet high daily production targets, working in 12-hour shifts with short meal breaks. The organization says it spotted about 80 other young factory workers in the area, some of whom were under the age of 16.

Local authorities promptly launched an investigation and the boy’s parents are seeking compensation. The management of the Asus partner was willing to pay just a fraction of the claim made by the parents, who eventually agreed to a payment of just €12,600.

On a side note, at press time the China Labor Watch website was infected by malware, which we are sure is just coincidence.

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