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Xbox Next to be named Infinity?

by on10 May 2013

Seems like the rumor that will not go away

Sources tell us that Microsoft has apparently settled on a name for the Xbox Next or the Xbox 720, or whatever one is calling the next generation offering from Microsoft. The next generation console that has been known by its codename, Durango, is said to be called the Xbox Infinity.

The new logo will apparently be the Xbox wording followed by an infinity symbol in the upper right as part of the logo. Both the first X in Xbox and the infinity symbol will be in Xbox green, while the word box will be in white.

We will have to see if this rumor that is not going away is actually accurate. It does seem from the sheer number of people that have told us about it and from what we have been able to ferret out, that this is likely correct; but we will have to wait till May 21st for Microsoft to officially confirm it.

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