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Windows Blue comes in 2013

by on08 May 2013

Damage control

We have mentioned Windows Blue quite some time ago here and there. It basically represents the assimilation of Windows RT into real Windows and the new DirectX finds its place in this new concoction as well.

Microsoft was happy to mention that despite much bad press Windows 8 has sold 100 million copies so far, and of course this number includes OEMs, upgrades, retail and just about any possible sale that you can imagine. It is all about big numbers that can impress the Wall Street, nothing to do with the real world, as usual.

Now the Financial Times is comparing Windows 8 to Coca Cola’s new recipe fiasco some 30 years ago. Back in the crazy eighties Coca Cola tried to change the recipe and failed spectacularly. After just three months it changed the recipe back with Coke Classic. It will take Microsoft almost a year to respond, and many analysts see this as a really bad move.

It looks like Windows RT integrated into Blue will be able to run the X86 applications, but we are concerned about the end user experience. It sounds like emulation and emulation is usually slow. The other thing is the lack of a dedicated Windows button that has been around since Windows 95 and the fact that you cannot make it boot into desktop.

Windows Blue should fix all this and Microsoft can only hope that end users will like it. Computer stores still sell a lot of Windows 7 that is still very popular among end users and most of Windows 8 comes preinstalled on new system leaving end users no choice.

Betting the flagship product and trying to catch up with the growing treat of iPad domination as well as Android is a tough task, and so far Microsoft has not done a great job. It's nice to have Windows 8 but on a touch-based notebook, but we don’t see much sense going from Windows 7 to Windows 8 on non-touch machines. 


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