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Intel doubles Thunderbolt speed

by on09 April 2013

4K support, up to 20Gbps

Intel has updated Thunderbolt, one of its very advanced technologies that nobody seems to use. Thunderbolt was, and still is, way ahead of its time. However, it remains pricey and it is used by relatively few vendors, which is a shame.

The new version offers data transfer speeds of up to 20Gbps, enabling 4K video playback. Coincidentally, nobody uses 4K video, either. Although 20Gbps seems more than fast enough, Intel says it will continue upgrading Thunderbolt and by 2015 it should hit 50Gbps.

Apple remains the biggest name behind Thunderbolt and it is expected to embrace the new version soon. This should pave the way to 4K iMacs and MacBooks. Now all we need are some 4K screens. Also, some 4K content.

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