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Gaming magazine’s users stuff it up

by on11 March 2013

People in this job get you down 

Gaming magazine Destructoid has just discovered that its business model is on the ropes because it of its readers.

The outfit just did a survey and discovered that half its readers block its adverts. Ad-blockers have been around for a while, but it seems that Destructoid readers have just cottoned on to them. What is annoying that while the company’s readership visits have increased, its revenues are fast falling away. Destructoid prides itself that it is independent and writes reviews regardless of what the software companies say.

One writer said that it means that the company has to work twice as hard as other sites to sustain its company, as if keeping a group of writers fed isn't difficult enough. He thinks this is the reason why gaming sites shut down or are selling out. Actually it is across the board. The more informed readers get the less keen they are to see adverts and buy advert blockers. The situation has become worse with the move to reading magazines on mobiles where the last thing you need is to wait for adverts to download.

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