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Sony to reveal PS4 on Feb 20th?

by on04 February 2013

Teasing special PlayStation event

Sony has started to tease about an event on February 20th in New York City that seems to be in line with whispers from sources who believe that the event called “See The Future” is actually the official reveal of the PlayStation 4.

While no one at Sony is talking, it would seem that the time frame aligns with what would be necessary if developers were to be talking about the next generation of games later at GDC. Sources believe that despite comments from Sony suggesting that they wanted to wait and see Microsoft play its hand first with the next console, the company is said to be determined to make sure that its console is announced first this time around.

If this isn’t enough, some whispers we were hearing over the weekend are suggesting that PS4 might have a bit of a performance edge over the next Xbox. It us unknown how true this might be, or whether this is Sony just trying to make the rumor machine work for it ahead of the announcement. We will have to wait and see what happens next, but we are sure that we should hear more specifics soon.

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