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No Windows RT tablets from Samsung for US

by on14 January 2013

Not a lot of interest from retailers or demand from consumers

One of the premier tablet makers, Samsung, has now finally confirmed that its plans for Windows RT tablets for the American market have been scrapped. This decision by Samsung is said to be based on very little interest from its retail partners and not much demand by consumers.

While Microsoft has only seen what can only be best described as modest success so far with its Windows RT based tablets, that level of success has made Samsung even more cautious about the investment in developing Windows RT models for the US.

Most tablet makers, including Samsung, claim that price is such a big factor in tablets right now that it is hard to build a Windows RT tablet model that can be competitive against Apple and Android models. Despite its decision not to release a Windows RT model now, Samsung claims that it could revisit the decision in the future.

We will have to see what happens long-term, but if Samsung can put the brakes on bringing out a Windows RT tablet, we have to think other manufacturers are going to also be cautious, unless the price point can come down, or for some reason demand for Windows RT models surges.

Last modified on 14 January 2013
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