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PlayStation 2 production at an end

by on08 January 2013

After 12 years and 150 million units

The PlayStation 2 has had a good run, such a good run that the console in its various revisions has been able to continue to be produced for 12 years and to sell over 150 million units. All good things come to an end, however, and Sony has confirmed that the production of PlayStation 2 has ended. Sales of the console will actively continue in most regions for the time being till the remaining stock of units is depleted.

While initially upon release the PlayStation 2 was viewed as overpriced and sorely lacking on its ability to deliver an experience that was worth all of the extra scratch. In the end, however, Sony was able to rally software developers; and while many of them complained that the PS2 was a harder platform to develop for, they produced software worthy of the features offered by the platform. In the end, the Platform has resulted in a massive software library with a very large number of great titles.

Many gamers have fond memories of the PlayStation 2, and it is really amazing that it has been able to hang as long as it has and break so much new ground in other regions of the world. Still, at this point with the PlayStation 3 to be the next Sony console to be replaced, it is logical that Sony stops production of the PS2 since the PS3 will be moving in to fill the company’s low-end offering.

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