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Nvidia Grid is a rack server

by on07 January 2013

CES 2013: Brand new GPU and software

Nvidia just introduced its way of tackling cloud gaming and getting it to the next level. The company calls its first fully integrated system Nvidia Grid. 

The product is a rack server with support for multiple users. Jensen claims you can have 24 concurrent users per server and you can put 20 of them in a rack. Servers, not gamers.

You will need a Grid receiver client on your TV and you will be able to play high end games rendered on your ethernet enabled device. There is an Android version of the client that was demonstrated by Grid product manager Andrew Fear on a Asus Transformer Infinity tablet. You can connect to the game you play on the TV over the Grid and continue playing on the Transformer Prime or Nexus 7, or even an HTC One X or similar Nvidia-based product. 

Nvidia Grid will sell to MSO and partners serving cloud games. Agawi is on board and they are one of the biggest but G Cluster, Clodunion, Ubitus and Playtcast are among the outfits on the list. 

 nvidia grid 1

nvidia grid 2

nvidia grid 3

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