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Sony pulls plug on PlayStation 2

by on31 December 2012

After a 12-year run

Sony has halted shipments of venerable PlayStation 2 console in Japan. It was about time. The good old PS2 has been around for 12 years and it’s earned it retirement the hard way.

However, Sony has not officially announced the passing of the PS2, but it seems its days are numbered, i.e. it will probably sell as long as stock lasts. Sony could officially discontinue the PS2 before it launches the PlayStation 4, with the PlayStation 3 taking its place.

In early 2011 PlayStation 2 sales hit 150 million units, making it the best selling console of all time. We are not sure the PS4 will manage to repeat its success, as the market is changing and changing fast.

Farewell PS2, you've served us well. 

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