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Microsoft will release “Google specs”

by on26 November 2012

Soon we will all be specky four eyes

Microsoft said that it will create its own computer linked eyeglasses, similar to what has already been shown off by Google.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin has touted their company's innovative product at star-studded events throughout the year.  Curiously Apple has received a patent for a wearable display device which looks exactly like Google's Project Glass. Microsoft has pushed its way into the US Patent and Trademark Office show the Redmond, Washington company has plans to create its own head-mounted display device.

Redmond's patent application was filed on May 20, 2011, it was only recently discovered on file at the US Patent & Trademark Office. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is believed to be investigating the eye device to keep up with Google and Apple. Microsoft's product is different from Google's and Apple's planned version as Microsoft's display...would provide supplemental information when viewing a live event.

'A user wearing an at least partially see-through, head mounted display views the live event while simultaneously receiving information on objects, including people, within the user's field of view,' the patent said.

A drawing of a potential scene shows a user watching a baseball game and how the device could provide statistics and additional details to enrich the viewing of the sporting event. It does not appear that the the device would be intended for using all the time like getting directions while you are walking, or reading your email.

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