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Windows 8 falls short of Redmond’s projections

by on20 November 2012

Insiders claim

Windows 8 sales are apparently not keeping up with Microsoft’s projections.

Blogger and Redmond insider Paul Thurrott told Tom’s Hardware that sales are “well below” Vole expectations and they have been described as disappointing by people in the know at Redmond.

Also, the simultaneous launch of Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro seems to have created additional issues, as it was confusing for some consumers. Sales were also hurt by “lackluster PC maker designs” and availability, claims Thurrott.

Analyst Roger Kay agreed with Thurrott in an interview with CNET, saying the split between Win 8 Pro and RT makes the positioning of Windows 8 “difficult,” although he did go on to praise the new user interface.

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