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Why 8GB is not enough on Nexus 4

by on31 October 2012

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Games at over 1GB

Nvidia has just announced that there is a new game in town, shipping for Tegra HD devices only. It is called Zombie Driver and judging by the name it has nothing to do with chess or puzzles.

Of course, it’s a driving game, which also involves running zombies over. Not very good for the paintwork, but it reminded us of Carmagedon, if you are old enough to know this one. The game has stunning graphics and it's fun to play. It is available as of today for $6.99 which is definitely more than one usually spends on an Android game.

Despite the small 20MB download, the app wants to download 950 MB of additional data in order to play. Max Payne for mobile also wants some 1.15GB additional files. A few other good looking games are easily going to download 1GB  to 1.5GB of additional data.

As the entry level Nexus 4 launched with 8GB of total storage, some 6GB of which are available to the user, you will quickly run out of space. These 6GB will be enough for a few games considering that you will need some space for photos, videos, music and applications. This is why we think that 16GB version of Nexus 4 should have been priced at $299 and the 8 GB version is largely pointless and should not have come to life. At $299 Google would not make money, but with traditionally low Nexus shipments and the plummeting NAND prices this would not have been much of an issue.

Let me remind you that the BOM difference between a 16GB and 8GB phone is probably around 5 USD, while Google makes additional $50 when you go for 16GB instead of 8GB.

Nexus 4 with its quad-core processor, large 4.7 screen, decent camera makes a good buy but we would want to see 16GB for 299 USD or Euro to make it really usable. Also, if you are interested, you can find Zombie Driver over at Google Play Store. Don't forget to bring some spare wipers along.

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Last modified on 31 October 2012
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