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Qualcomm joins HSA Foundation

by on03 October 2012

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One "founder" member spot left

Back when Samsung joined the HSA Foundation as a "founding member" we could not happen to wonder which companies would take the remaining last two places alongside AMD, Imagination, Texas Instruments, Samsung and Mediatek, but today, Qualcomm has jumped in as a founding member.

HSA Foundation has been doing quite well since its formation in June and many companies gladly joined up as a Founder, Supporter, Contributor or Associate members and it is no wonder that Phil Rogers, HSA Foundation President and AMD corporate Fellow has expressed its excitement to see Qualcomm as one of the driving forces of the HSA Foundation. Phil Rogers noted that "It’s great to see an innovative company like Qualcomm, which has revolutionized the wireless communications market, placing their support behind HSA." and added that "With HSA, computing becomes much more power efficient, enabling member companies like Qualcomm, to create unique and compelling experiences for the consumer."

Qualcomm's Jim Thompson, Senior Vice President of Engineering, noted that future Snapdragon processors will have more computing performance and integrated parallel processing technology in order to meet the high performance and low power needs for mobile customers, thus joining the HSA Foundation will allow developers to deliver faster and more innovative applications on future Snapdragon processors if certain aspects of heterogeneous computing are standardized.

The HSA Foundation was created back in June at AMD's Fusion Developer Summit as a foundation that will deliver new user experiences through advances in computing architectures in order to improve power efficiency, performance, programmability, portability across computing devices and general support of software across a broad spectrum of devices in order to remove the need for code rewriting for various different platforms.

Some key players on the market have already joined the HSA Foundation and we would not be surprised to see more big names in the near future. The HSA Foundation will be present at both the IEEE International Conference on Computer Design and 2012 ARM TechCon where it will be delivering technical presentations.

You can check out more info at the HSA Foundation web site.

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