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Super Slim does not equal price drop

by on21 September 2012

Actually, prices are going up a little bit

One question that we have been getting from our readers is whether the price of the new Super Slim PlayStation 3 means that the price is going to drop on the older units that retailers have on the shelves. The simple answer is that Sony is not dropping the price of the PlayStation 3, nor are they giving retailers financial support to do so on the older models to move inventory. So, if you see the price dropped on older units, the retailer is selling it at a lower price to move their inventory because they choose to do so; not because Sony is funding it.

As for an actual price drop on the PS3 this time around, Sony isn’t planning one for the Super Slim at this time, at least in the North American market. The old 160GB version of the PS3 cost $250 and the 320GB cost $300. The new 250GB version will retail for $270 and the 500GB version will retail for $300. Sony explains the pricing by saying that the upgrade from a 160GB hard drive to a 250GB hard is the reason for the price increase on the low end.

As for why the 12GB flash memory low end Super Slim PS3 isn’t coming to North America, Sony claims that users in North America use and need the additional storage, and a 12GB model would not work in this market. In other markets, the 12GB unit is seen as a gateway to get users to choose the PlayStation 3 because of the lower price.

We are not so sure that Sony will end up sticking with this strategy. Sources tell us that Sony might change its mind at some point in the future; and if Sony continues to trail both Microsoft and Nintendo this holiday season in console sales, Sony could go for broke and release the 12GB unit into the North American market to be more price competitive. If they do, you don’t have to say we told you so.

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