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iOS 6 rolls out today

by on19 September 2012

All post-3GS devices supported

Apple will start rolling out iOS 6 today and the new OS is compatible with all iOS devices dating back to the good old iPhone 3GS, which was discontinued last week.

The new version brings improved Siri functionality, Apple’s all-new Maps app, the ability to rearrange icons on the home screen and deeper Facebook integration, which is a must in today’s social-centric world. The phone app has also been reworked to include a do not disturb option and the ability to turn down a call with a text message.

The mail app will now allow you to refresh with a simple spite down and it includes a new VIP inbox. iCloud gets a handy tabs feature, allowing you to keep track of all open tabs on all your devices, but this functionality will probably not be available for Windows users who are likely to miss out on Safari 6.

Comparisons with Android Jelly Bean are inevitable, but frankly they really don’t make much sense. iOS 6 will roll out to practically all post-2009 Apple devices, while Jelly Bean powers a negligible one percent of Android devices.

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